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Etikett: techarenan zero

James McMicking and a cleaner and greener way to fly!

Hydrogen-electric aircrafts might be the future of aviation. Listen in as we explore this technology and the possibilities with cleaner ways to fly!

Richard Bergfors – Generational passion for the climate

Max Hamburgers is not only serving fantastic food. They are also one of the worlds most sustainable companies. Richard shares his thinking.

Miriam Münnich Vass – Enormous opportunities in the energy sector

The biggest transition towards a clean and sustainable, stable and affordable energy system is in the making. Miriam describes what it takes to take the lead!

Peter Roos and the promise of fusion power

Novatron Fusion Group is really close to solving the puzzle that is fusion power. Listen in as we talk about what actually might happen the coming years.

Joël Tronchon – The sustainable beauty of L’Oréal

How come L’Oréal is one of the most sustainable companies in the world? Joël helps us understand why and what you can do today to contribute!

Allison Dring – The business of reversing climate change

Made of Air is in the business of reversing climate change. This is done by creating a material using an unexpected resource – CO2.

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