We are having a conversation with Nina Ruokonen – Business Development Director Nordics at SAP Concur about the impact of Covid-19 on corporate travel patterns and management.

In this episode we are sharing knowledge about;

  • New corporate travel patterns emerging
  • The future of corporate travel and a decade of opportunities.
  • Autonomous expense systems
  • Various types of responses to Covid-19 depending on digital maturity
  • Why the travel data is the queen when using digitalization to achieve a more sustainable way of working
  • Why this might be the perfect moment to change!

Hey! Dont miss out on the insights regarding corporate travel sustainability !

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This podcast

Killander & Björk is a podcast where we talk about the future. It is hosted by Andreas Killander, Creative Director at Gullers Grupp and Mats Björk, Digital Strategist at Esatto. We are interested in the great forces shaping our future and believe that digitalisation is a gigantic shift – probably bigger than industrialization – and this is worth talking about.

The podcast therefore focuses a lot on why, what and how to digitize businesses and nations and what the sum of it will be for humans.

Our mission is to inspire and catalyze the conversation about the society we want to build tomorrow. Our hope is that it is designed around people.

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