Tom Fishburne started drawing cartoons as a Harvard Business School student. The Marketoonist series quickly grew by word of mouth to the millions of people that today have seen it on billboards in Times Square, in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and of course all over the internet. One of the cartoons even turned up in a top-secret NSA presentation by Edward Snowden.

We talk to Tom about the potential for humor in business. A conversation about constant change, how to drive fear out of the system and build and nurture relationships across hierarchies and cultural divides.

We also touch on things like the humor cliff, data-driven AI joke machines, the power of combinatory skills and what humor will look like in the future. As you can guess, this episode contains some laughter.

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Bisnode Unleashed 2019

Bisnode Unleashed is an event where we explore AI, smart data and sustainable business. Here you will meet some of today’s most inspirational speakers such as the founder of The Marketoonist Tom Fishburne, tech and 3D printing expert Märtha Rehnberg, author and digitalization expert David Ståhlberg, and robot genious Fredrik Löfgren.

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Killander & Björk is a podcast where we talk about the future. It is hosted by Andreas Killander, Creative Director at Gullers Grupp and Mats Björk, Digital Strategist at Esatto. We are interested in the great forces shaping our future and believe that digitalisation is a gigantic shift – probably bigger than industrialization – this is worth talking about.

The podcast therefore focuses a lot on why, what and how to digitize businesses and nations and what the sum of it will be for us humans.

Our mission is to inspire and catalyze the conversation about the society we want to build tomorrow. Our hope is that it is designed around people.

Music in this episode from Gustaf Grefberg and Anitek!