We talk to Norwegian architect Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, co-founder of the internationally renowned practice of architecture – Snøhetta.

In this episode we share knowledge about:

  • The new juncture of healing and architecture
  • How the coronavirus pandemic will change urban design
  • Designing cities that heal
  • Architecture as a way of thinking
  • A new and conscious relationship with our homes
  • Collective creativity
  • Hybrid urban thinking
  • Why fish and flowers belong together

Photo credit: Bjørnar Øvrebø

If you are curious about Snøhetta’s work, we suggest that you look into these exciting projects:

Commissioned by Nan Fung Group, Snøhetta has designed a mixed-use building in Hong Kong, named Airside. Situated in the center of the former Kai Tak airport with views over the Victoria Harbour and Kai Tak River, this 176,000 square meters building merges a 200-meter tower with a base in one continuous form. The project will be Snøhetta’s first built project in Hong Kong. Link to project.

Following an international design competition, Snøhetta has been commissioned to design the Shanghai Grand Opera House in Shanghai, China. The project aims to attract a broad audience through offering both traditional and Chinese opera performances, classical concerts and more experimental performances that will attract a younger audience. Link to project. Link to project.

Europe’s first underwater restaurant will welcome guests in Lindesnes, Norway on March 20th, 2019. Located at the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline, where the sea storms from the north and south meet, the project is situated at a unique confluence. Link to project.

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