We talk to Sakina, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer at Skyqraft – a company that is all about autonomous, long-range infrastructure inspections. Skyqraft is the winner of the Business Award at Techarenan Challenge 2021.

Sakina has a vast experience in sales and marketing and worked at the successful startup Truecaller where she was a part of growing the users from 30,000 to 100 million.

In this episode we share knowledge on:

  • AI in the skies
  • The societal impact of power outages
  • Starting from square one
  • The Swedish innovation and startup climate
  • Sweden as a test market
  • Startups as a community
  • Sakina’s experience on raising capital

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Techarenan Bright 2021

Techarenan is a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship that brings together the most innovative startups from the Nordics, industry leading companies, policy makers and politicians. Together we build a platform to boost innovation and stimulater growth.

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Killander & Björk is a podcast where we talk about the future. It is hosted by Andreas Killander and Mats Björk. We are interested in the great forces shaping our future and believe that digitalisation is a gigantic shift – probably bigger than industrialization – this is worth talking about.

The podcast therefore focuses a lot on why, what and how to digitize businesses and nations and what the sum of it will be for us humans.

Our mission is to inspire and catalyze the conversation about the society we want to build tomorrow. Our hope is that it is designed around people.

Music in this episode from Gustaf Grefberg