We think Dr Kate Stone is a magical being. Everything she talks about. Everything she does and everything she touches all gets some of her magical quality .

Her vision of the future is that it will be driven by technology but it will be invisible. A bit like the Harry Potter universe actually. We agree.

Dr Stone went up north in Sweden to inspire us at an IT event called #sundsvall42. And boy she did. A few minutes in to her keynote almost 500 attendees were playing as never before. And all we needed was some paper. And a bit of ink. (and some other stuff as well, but thats not super important). What was important though was her message. She wants to unleash real democratized creativity to the world. Empower everyone. Thats her mission. And we actually think she might succeed.

We got to pick Kates brain for some time on our podcast. This is the recorded session where we jump around concepts like the future of technology, the need of spirituality, bubble up economics(!), the brain as a reality producing computer, ink, chips, stuff and a lot more.

This is a real gem!


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Check out Kate!

Google her and follow her on twitter! Enjoy her stuff on Youtube and of course her TED talk! Also – order stuff to play with. This is the future of technology so get a head start! http://www.novalia.co.uk/

Sundsvall 42

This episode is in the live podcast series from the event #Sundsvall42!

This podcast

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