The biggest challenge but also the biggest opportunity in todays society might be that we argue before we understand. This is exacly where a sound use of data fits in.

This is a very warm conversation on how to develop humanity through data. A talk about the mindset needed to develop yourself, your neighbour, your organization, your region, your country and the world with empathy, optimism and data.

Doctor Sinisa Grgic is the Ambassador of the Republic of Croatia here in Sweden. He is also a researcher, author, publisher, businessman, and philanthrope, who created the leading business reporting company in Croatia and initiated dozens of NGOs.

We also talk about the difference between being data driven and data aware, how to succeed as an ambassador with an entreprenurial perspective, the value of understanding the skills of a nation based on data, the under reporting of the modernization of the world and how to approach your neighbour in a very Swedish way.

This is a true gem in our humble opinion. We hope this talk with Dr Grgić will leave you with the same feelings it gave us – hope, inspiration and ambition to do more.

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Killander & Björk is a podcast where we talk about the future. It is hosted by Andreas Killander, Creative Director at Gullers Grupp and Mats Björk, Digital Strategist at Esatto. We are interested in the great forces shaping our future and believe that digitalisation is a gigantic shift – probably bigger than industrialization – this is worth talking about.

The podcast therefore focuses a lot on why, what and how to digitize businesses and nations and what the sum of it will be for us humans.

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