How come L’Oréal is one of the most sustainable companies in the world? Why is sustainability at the core of their strategy and how do they think about the future?

Joël is the Sustainability Director in Europe for L’Oréal and we got to meet him when he visited Stockholm. He is the perfect guest to help us understand how large, complex companies can create big and lasting change in the world.

Listen in as Joël will help us understand both the importance of democratizing conscious beauty as well as showing us the beauty of scientific sustainable progress.

Check out these references from the conversation:
The Planetary Boundaries framwork by Stockholm Resilience Centre

L’Oréal new sustainability program – ”For the future”


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Techarenan Zero and the road to zero

TECHARENAN ZERO is a full day summit addressing some of our most critical challenges to society.

Decision makers, experts, politicians and entrepreneurs are invited every year to discuss the road to “zeroing” these challenges to create a more sustainable planet.

We decided to make a ”Road to Zero Series” together. A podcast series where we are narrowing in on what problems to solve, what solutions to focus on, how to execute and how to scale. And in the series we are joined by six people who each have their perspectives on whats important and what to prioritize now.

Our podcast

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Welcome to Killander & Björk. First off – we have spent the last seven years talking to leaders, thinkers and creators about the future. 

We think that the future is more of an attitude – a way of perceiving challenges, changes and obstacles as opportunities to be explored with curiosity.  We usually have our conversations in Swedish but since the future is getting more global each day, we are too.

The podcast is hosted by Andreas Killander, Creative Director at Gullers Grupp and Mats Björk, Digital Strategist at Esatto.